White Widow


White Widow is a classic Sativa-dominant hybrid strain. Famous for quick-cerebral effects, the strain uplifts mood and delivers energy and focus. It produces a functional high that works incredibly in social situations. White Widow is valued for its high resin production. On average, this strain contains 20% THC content.

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Its buds are conical and tapered, having a loose fluffy Sativa-like texture, and produce a stinging, ammonia-like scent with notes of earthy pine. The leaves are spring green and covered in long-stalked trichomes, lending buds a whitish-gray appearance.

The users accustomed to fruity or flavored breeds may be disappointed by the lack of White Widow’s taste. On combustion, it produces a pungent smell which may not go well with your privacy and discretion concerns.

The enhanced energy and focus can assist you in indulging in complex problem-solving processes. It can boost creativity by inducing your thought process and encouraging you to explore unknown territories.

The users may experience an amplified impact of music and art due to psychedelic effects that cause visual distortion and enhanced perception. Its mild body buzz gently soothes nerves and helps you mellow out perfectly. The profound cerebral effects make White Widow a more psychological than physical aid.