Gods Green Crack (CGC)


Are you looking for an aromatic and flavorful smoke experience? Look no further. God’s Green Crack offers an invigorating mental buzz wrapped in herbal aroma and tangy, fruity flavor. The strain contains 19% to 25% THC and is perfect for daytime use.

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The buds have a typical Indica structure with narrow leaves curling inwards to the central stem. The leaves boast dark shades of dark forest green with purple patches and are covered with translucent white trichomes with orange pistils. On burning, God’s Green Crack produces an easy-to-inhale aromatic smoke that tastes woodsy and slightly floral on exhale.

Initially, users feel twitchy head effects which subside soon and are followed by a surge in the thought process. These buzzy properties promote productivity, and users feel encouraged to take on demanding, analytical tasks and mundane chores.

The cerebral properties of this strain can help individuals struggling with attention deficit disorders. Moreover, its euphoria can temporarily relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

The profoundly relaxing vibes of this hybrid strain may help fight fatigue and soothe pains and aches.

Gods Green Crack (CGC)

  • Gods Green Crack is an all-natural high that is not laced with other chemicals.
  • It is a potent and powerful cannabis strain that can be used to relieve pain, anxiety, and depression.
  • Its effect can last for hours and it is known to be one of the most effective strains when it comes to reducing inflammation and improving sleep quality.


Product Description: CGC is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that has been bred to produce a potent, euphoric, cerebral high. This strain was developed by crossing two popular strains, OG Kush and Durban Poison.

Package Includes:

Gods Green Crack (CGC)


  • High THC content
  • Indica Dominant Hybrid
  • Gods Green Crack (CGC): Indica Dominant Hybrid


  • Relaxing effects
  • Pain relief
  • Sleep aid
  • Stress reliever

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